Why is it Important to Have Blood Work Taken on My Cat or Dog Before Surgery?

Pre-surgical blood work is a safety measure that allows your doctor to evaluate the chemical makeup of your pet before their surgery. This screening helps determine if your pet is a good surgical candidate and lets your doctor see if their values fall within normal limits.

Pre-surgical blood work is mandatory for all animals undergoing sedation/anesthesia. Anesthesia is still primarily cleared from the body by the liver, and if a pet’s liver values are not within normal limits or are questionable, the veterinarian would most likely postpone a surgical procedure and first address the issue of why and how your pet’s liver values can be normalized.

What Does the Thyroid Gland Do and Where is It?

The thyroid gland is a small lobulated gland that is wrapped around the trachea. It is located near the level of your pet’s larynx. This endocrine gland secretes thyroid hormones, which regulate the body’s metabolism. Not enough hormones result in obesity in dogs, and too much leads to a dramatic loss of weight in cats.

When Should I Begin Applying Flea and Tick Preventatives to My Dog?

It is ideal to keep your pet on flea and tick prevention all year long. Flea season typically begins at the start of spring, which is usually around the end of March or during the first week of April. Since flea season has been getting longer every year, it is recommended to keep your animal pal protected year-round.

Flea and tick products should only be purchased through your veterinarian. Veterinary Wellness Center of Borerum Hill carries Bravecto, which comes in a pill format for dogs and as a topical solution for cats that is given once every three months. It also prevents and cures demodectic mange and scabies.

When Should I Begin Heartworm Preventatives and Should My Dog be on Them the Entire Year?

We typically start puppies on heartworm preventatives when they are eight weeks old and recommend they stay on it monthly until they are six months of age. After six months, we recommend Proheart 6, the six-month heartworm vaccine. Some clients wonder if they can keep their pet on this preventative for only the summer, but we believe it is much safer if they are on it throughout the year.

Besides Proheart 6, we also carry Revolution Topical, a once a month treatment for cats and dogs, and Triheart oral, a once a month treatment for dogs only.


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