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Veterinary Care

Brooklyn Veterinarian Talks Wellness Care

Preventative care is the key to keeping your pet healthy throughout its life. Our Brooklyn veterinarian team recommends that you bring puppies and kittens in four times during their first year, then yearly after that for a wellness pet exam. We'll check your pet from nose to tail. Among the most common parts of a pet wellness exam are:

  • Pet Vaccines, both core and non-core
  • Pet dental examinations
  • Weighing your pet and giving nutritional counseling
  • Microchipping
  • Flea and tick control

Pet Surgery in Brooklyn

Our high quality pet surgery suite is second to none.

The most common surgery for almost every pet owner is spaying and neutering. Our veterinarian in Brooklyn recommends that all pets be spayed or neutered. It helps to reduce the population of unwanted animals, plus it has real health benefits for both male and female cats and dogs.

Emergencies happen, and our surgical clinic is ready to help. We can care for broken bones, animal bites, crush injuries, eye surgery and the removal of tumors.

Senior dogs and cats are more prone to needing surgeries as they get older. We offer Adult Pet Screening Clinics for that reason, and can handle needed surgeries that arise such as urinary tract, dental and orthopedic surgeries and mass and tumor removal.

Surgeries require anesthesia, and you can be secure knowing that we use the best and safest products available. They have very few side effects, and our experienced technicians constantly monitor your pet during the procedures.

Call our Brooklyn Veterinarian Today To Schedule an Appointment!

For routine wellness care or emergency surgery, you can count on the caring team at Veterinary Wellness Center to keep your pet living a healthy lifestyle. If you're in Brooklyn and need a dedicated veterinary team for your dog or cat, call our office today!