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Spay Surgery with an Experienced Brooklyn Vet

Veterinarian with dog before spay surgery

Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill, led by Dr. Michael Arpino, is a professional pet care clinic that is available to serve all of your pet wellness needs. In addition to Dr. Arpino, the clinic is staffed by a top-notch team of skilled veterinarians who are passionate about helping pet owners properly maintain the health and safety of their precious pets. Spay surgery is an important part of this process and the vets at Veterinary Wellness Center are committed to educating their clients about the optimal ways to keep their pets healthy, strong and active for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Spaying Your Dog and Cat

Of course, the most obvious reason to spay your pet is to avoid pregnancies and reduce the number of homeless or neglected pets. Many people are unaware, however, that spaying also provides important health benefits for pets. Un-spayed female pets are much more likely to develop infections, cysts, and cancerous tumors as they age. In many cases, these conditions can be life-threatening and require immediate intervention from your veterinarian. Spay surgery considerably reduces the risk for these types of problems, so it is considered to be an essential element of your pet’s health maintenance plan.

Is Spay Surgery Painful for My Pet?

Although spay surgery is not completely pain-free, your pets can be kept comfortable with the appropriate pain medication. Our job as veterinarians is to make sure that we arrange an agreeable pain management solution for your pet during and after surgery. In most cases, pets will experience some discomfort after the surgery but this is typically short-lived. Both dogs and cats tend to recover very swiftly from the procedure.

Is There Any Prep I Should Do before My Pet’s Spay Surgery?

All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations before they can undergo spay surgery. In addition, you should not feed your pet after midnight on the eve of the surgery. This will help keep your pet from becoming sick and possibly vomit after the procedure. As much as possible, try to give your pet lots of love and TLC before bringing them into the office for the surgery as it may help to calm any anxiety and discomfort they may be feeling in the moments leading up to surgery.

New Patients

We are always pleased to welcome new pet patients and their owners. We are currently offering new clients 50% off spays and neutered through March! For your convenience, setting up an appointment has never been easier -- simply visit the New Patient Center on our website to fill out patient registration forms, review payment options and find out what to expect during your visit. This will help things move along smoothly and save you time by getting you and your pet in to see the vet much more quickly. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your precious companion into our wonderful family of pets.