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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery, Brooklyn Veterinarian for All Your Pet Care Needs

There are few things more frustrating than having to deal with a sick or injured pet. An experienced vet understands what pet owners feel when they know their pet is in pain or in distress. Pets are more than just companions, they are precious and valued members of the family. As such, we know that you want to ensure you have a veterinarian you can trust and rely on to provide quality, caring treatment, whatever the situation. Whether you need to bring your pet in for a routine visit, vaccinations or for a surgical procedure, the vets and pet care professionals at Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill strive to care for, treat and protect your pets just as if they were their very own.

pet surgery

Types of Pet Surgery Offered

When it comes to basic care for your pets, there are some procedures that may seem cumbersome but that are essential components of keeping your pet operating at optimal capacity and strength. For many people, hearing the word “surgery” conjures up an image of a serious or life-threatening medical procedure. For pets, however, there are some simple surgeries that most young pets should undergo, as a matter of course. This includes the following:

Surgery For Young Pets

· Neutering

· Spaying

Spaying and neutering are recommended for most pets to help control pet population and to prevent the development of certain diseases. Our vets can educate you on the process and walk you through how to best care for your pet before and after the procedure. Our goal is to make sure that both you and your pet are comfortable with all aspects of the treatment we provide.

For older pets, other types of surgical procedures are sometimes necessary to address the problems that accompany the natural aging process. This may include:

Surgery For Senior Pets

· Tumor removals

· Urinary tract surgeries

· Dental surgeries

· Orthopedic surgeries

Boerum Hill Vet is Your Neighborhood Pet Expert

At Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill, we are proud to be serving Boerum Hill and the surrounding areas of Brooklyn with caring, high quality veterinary services. Our veterinarians are highly knowledgeable and experienced experts who focus on pet wellness as well as pet education for owners. We want you to not only bring your pets into our clinic for routine, sick and emergency visits, but we also want you to be confident in your own ability to provide the best at-home lifestyle and care for your pet.

We are accepting new patients and would love to welcome you and your pet into our wonderful family of owners and their precious companions. Call us today to and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for your first visit.

We look forward to meeting you and to serving all of your pet care needs! Call us at (347) 463-9426