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Pet Dental

Professional Pet Dental Cleaning with Our Veterinarian in Brooklyn

Here at the Veterinary Wellness Center, our vet understands just how important oral hygiene is for both humans and especially for our furry friends. This is because some of the most common pet conditions we see at the clinic directly relate to periodontal disease in cats and dogs. Many pet owners don’t give much thought to their pet’s oral health unless bad breath is problematic. However, pet dental care is essential to their overall health, and since they can’t simply brush their own teeth or schedule annual dental cleanings, their human companions must take the lead.

pet dental

Signs and Symptoms of Pet Dental Problems

If your cat or dog has been inexplicably losing weight, has unbearable breath, bleeding gums, excessive tartar, loose, dead or broken teeth or they seem to drool constantly, periodontal disease is a likely culprit. Essentially, these are the same symptoms their human counterparts suffer, and the dangers of periodontal disease are similar as well. That bacteria-filled plaque that builds up cause inflammation that results in receding, bloody gums and ultimately tooth loss. Broken or infected abscessed teeth can spread potentially fatal bacteria into the organs such as the lungs and heart without treatment. Regular home brushing and periodic pet dental cleanings can help avoid the irreversible processes of periodontal disease.

What to Expect at During Pet Dental Cleanings at Our Brooklyn Vet

After a consultation with our Brooklyn vet, we’ll take a blood sample to determine that your pet’s health is good enough to undergo anesthesia safely. If so, we will place your pet in a gentle sleep under the full observation and care of our experienced team. Once anesthetized, we will perform the following pet dental procedures.

    1. Pets receive a full oral examination and x-rays to identify any problems such as broken teeth, damaged roots, dead teeth, abscessed and infected teeth and detect any signs of periodontal disease.
    2. We then clean under the gum line to remove any periodontal disease causing bacteria to keep gums strong and healthy.
    3. Our pet dental team will then remove any visible tartar or plaque buildup before we polish your pet’s teeth to a natural, healthy shine. This helps prevent plaque buildup and the adherence of bacteria.

Once your pet has awakened from the anesthesia, they will be ready to return home with you shortly unless we have detected any possible issues that need to be addressed right away. We’ll recommend a schedule for your cleanings and can also offer you advice and supplies for pet oral home healthcare.

Schedule Pet Dental Cleanings at Veterinary Wellness Center Today

Don’t delay putting off your dog or cat’s oral checkups. Call our veterinarian in Brooklyn for an appointment at (347) 463-9426. We offer comprehensive dental care and our office features separate entrances for felines and canines. Check out our new patient discounts, and we also offer parking validation in the parking lot adjacent our clinic. Call us today!