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Reasons to Spay Your Dog or Cat

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At Boerum Hill Vet, we offer spay and neuter services in Brooklyn. The spay procedure, which sterilizes female dogs and cats, has many health benefits, which is why our vet in Brooklyn recommends it.

What is Spay Surgery?

During a spay your pet is put under using anesthesia and kept warm on a heated blanket. Once your pet is under, our veterinarian will make a small incision below their belly button. We'll then remove the ovaries, uterus, and reproductive tract. After closing the incision with a double layer of stitches, we will place your dog or cat in recovery.

Spay surgery is highly safe when it is performed by a qualified veterinarian, such as those at our animal hospital. Still, we will let you know of any complications to look for before we send your pet home.

Reasons to Spay Your Dog or Cat

By spaying your cat or dog, you are doing your part to reduce unwanted animals and shelter crowding. There are so many animals waiting in shelters, many at risk of euthanasia, that spaying is the humane thing to do.

Spaying also protects your pet and promotes a longer, healthier life. Dogs and cats that are not fixed face higher rates of uterine and breast tumors. By spaying your pet before she has her first heat cycle, you can greatly decrease her odds of dying from breast or uterine cancers.

From a behavioral perspective, spaying prevents behaviors associated with the female heat cycle, which can be frustrating. Female pets in heat yowl and mark; this can cause property damage and significant aggravation. A heat cycle lasts 4-5 days and occurs every 3 weeks during a breeding season.

If you needed one more reason, how about the fact that it's cheaper considering the lifespan of your pet? Paying a one-time fee to spay your dog or cat costs much less than paying the costs associated with a pregnancy. Unless you want your pet to have puppies or kittens, there's no reason NOT to spay.

See a Brooklyn Veterinarian

Our Brooklyn veterinarian is here for all of your pet wellness needs, including spay surgery. For dog and cat care, reserve your appointment online or call our veterinary clinic today: (347) 463-9426. For all spays and neutered appointments, enjoy 50% off through March!