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​At Home Pet Dental Care Tips

At Home Pet Dental Care Tips from Veterinary Wellness Center in Brooklyn

That sparkly look and super clean feeling you have after a dental cleaning is an experience you should not deny your pet of having, too. More than a cosmetic process, pet dental care is an essential part of their overall health, wellness and quality of life.

The Importance of At Home Pet Dental Care

Poor dental hygiene and tooth infections can negatively impact pet’s health just as it does in humans. In fact, periodontal disease is one of the leading conditions seen by our veterinarian in Brooklyn. Essentially, if you aren’t proactively addressing your pet’s dental needs with regular at home care and annual professional cleanings, you’re doing a disservice to your furry friend.

Often indicated by loose teeth, bad breath and bleeding gums, periodontal disease can result in cardiac problems, weight loss and infections in the body and organs. These issues arise because of plaque buildup on the teeth that harbor bacteria that result in gum inflammation, infections and tooth recession. However, regular cleanings by our Brooklyn veterinarian and a solid at home dental routine for your pet can stave off periodontal issues.

Tips from Our Vet Concerning At Home Oral Pet Care

Depending on the temperament and receptivity of your pet, you can choose to brush your animal’s teeth with an enzymatic toothpaste for pets, use an antimicrobial pet rinse or both methods. The first thing you need to know is that it is not recommended to use human dental rinses or toothpastes with cats or dogs. Sadly, most human oral care products contain unnatural ingredients that can upset sensitive pet tummies and cause foaming at the mouth.

Our veterinarian recommends addressing your pet oral hygiene once or twice a week. If you plan on using a toothbrush or soft finger brushes, you will want to ease your pet into the process. Let them become accustomed to having it near their face by spending a few minutes a day gently rubbing it near the mouth. When they seem ready, try to insert the ‘brush’ into the mouth for a few days before delving in with the enzymatic paste. Certain dogs and cats are reluctant to brushing, and in such our vet in Brooklyn can recommend a safe and effective oral rinse.

Schedule Your Pet’s Dental Checkup in Brooklyn Today

Contact our vet in Brooklyn at the Veterinary Wellness Center by calling 347-463-9426 today to schedule a dental exam for your pet. New patients receive a 20% discount off exam fee, and we validate parking for the lot adjacent our clinic. Dogs and cats have separate entries to keep your furry friends calm prior to appointments. Call us today!