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3 Reasons to Neuter your Dog or Cat

Your Brooklyn Veterinarian Gives Three Reasons for Neutering Your Dog or Cat

A neutering procedure is minimally invasive surgery that eliminates your male pet's ability to impregnate a female dog or cat. When your vet in Brooklyn neuters a dog, she will make a tiny incision in the dog's scrotum to remove the testicles. This incision is then closed using intradermal (dissolving) or skin sutures (requires removal by your vet). Cat neutering surgery also involves removal of the testicles by making a very small incision. With cats, however, the incision is so small that sutures are not necessary.

3 Reasons for Neutering Your Pet

Controlling the Pet Population

With millions of dogs and cats ending up in shelters and euthanized every year, the most important reason for getting your dog or cat neutered is to help reduce the pet population. According to the Humane Society of the United States, an animal is euthanized every 15 seconds by shelters that do not have the resources to keep so many unwanted animals.

Neutering Male Dogs and Cats Prevents Testicular Cancer and Prostate Problems

Testicular tumors frequently develop in older, unneutered male pets. Most testicular tumors like seminomas, Sertoli cell tumors and Leydig cell tumors are benign and may or may not need removed. Carcinogenic tumors are rare but can affect intact male pets over seven years old. In addition, most testicular tumors release excessive amounts of testosterone and estrogen, which may aggravate aggressive and roaming behaviors.

Intact male dogs over eight years old have an 80 percent chance of suffering prostate disease. Although rarely malignant, prostate disorder can cause pain and difficulty urinating for older, unneutered dogs. Another health issue problematic to intact, older dogs is prostatitis, or inflammation and infection of the canine prostate. Symptoms of acute prostatitis include straining to urinate/defecate, fever, loss of appetite and bloody urethral discharge.

Neutering Male Dogs or Cats Reduces Their Urge to Stray and Act Aggressively

Removing a male pet's testicles eliminates release of testosterone into the bloodstream. Testosterone is a powerful hormone responsible for normal development of reproductive organs, the urge to reproduce and dominance/mating behaviors. Neutered dogs and cats are less likely to roam, get into fights and act unpredictability in stressful situations.

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