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  • Signs Your Pet May Have Cancer
    Signs of Cancer in Your Pet From Your Brooklyn Veterinarian If you own a pet, then you are definitely going to want to keep an eye on pet cancer. If you don't know Read more
  • Reasons to Spay Your Dog or Cat
    At Boerum Hill Vet, we offer spay and neuter services in Brooklyn. The spay procedure, which sterilizes female dogs and cats, has many health benefits, which is why our vet in Brooklyn Read more
  • ‚ÄčAt Home Pet Dental Care Tips
    At Home Pet Dental Care Tips from Veterinary Wellness Center in Brooklyn That sparkly look and super clean feeling you have after a dental cleaning is an experience you should not deny your pet Read more
  • Anesthesia for Dogs and Cats
    Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill, BrooklynYour Brooklyn vet, Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill, can handle a wide variety of treatments and procedures, as well as routine pet care. Whether you need Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Neuter your Dog or Cat
    Your Brooklyn Veterinarian Gives Three Reasons for Neutering Your Dog or Cat A neutering procedure is minimally invasive surgery that eliminates your male pet's ability to impregnate a female dog or cat. When your Read more
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy with Regular Vaccinations
    Dog Vaccines in Brooklyn, New York Just like people, dogs can catch serious but preventable diseases. Some of these diseases can be fatal, or even transmittable to humans. Luckily, there are vaccinations for a Read more